David Sonnenschein, author of “Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema,” is seeking an enthusiastic intern to assist in several areas:

1)      Analyzing and organizing a large personal archive of field recordings, lectures, webinars and audiovisual creations into an accessible online media database.

2)      Developing an outreach program to the online community so this media provides a knowledge base, coaching by example, creative problem solving and inspiration, along with future live webinars.

 3)      Producing a series of fun, sensory-driven interactive Sound Games, offering a deep conceptual and experiential understanding of the physics and perception of sonic vibration.

 4)      Completing the second edition of my book “Sound Design”, including new material on interactive media.

The intern should have the following qualities:

1)      Highly motivated learner, communicative, organized, dependable (a dab of humor is nice too).

2)      Availability on a regular basis to dedicate towards achieving concrete, realistic goals.

3)      Competency in required skill sets, such as audio/video editing, writing, database building and management, game programming, graphics, web design, social networking.

You don’t have to be good at everything, but be really good at what you can contribute and be able to make and keep a clear commitment.

There will be tasks to be done in my office in Topanga (near Los Angeles) and also online, so I’ll give consideration to both local and online applications.  If the intern is a college student, it might be possible to get school credit for this position, as I have done this already with interns both in Los Angeles and internationally.

Send letter and resume to

Thanks – David Sonnenschein

NOTE:  This is NOT an internship for someone who wants to be on a career track to the big studios. There is no sound editing or mixing job here that will give credit on any big movie or game. This is unique, not mainstream, so apply only if you’re up for exploring a new path.

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