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6 Comments on “Contact”

  1. Fernando Says:

    Hi David – I registered to the Free Webminar but couldn’t attend due to the time zone difference. Is there any way to watch the recorded stuff online? I tryed the Webminar link with no luck.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Michael W. O'Connor Says:

    Hello David!
    My name is Michael O’Connor and I really enjoyed your free webinar on sound design. I greatly appreciate you sharing this valuable knowledge as this information helps me better understand how sound affects people in various mediums like film, games, and more.
    We actually met awhile ago, maybe 2 years now, at CSU Northridge when you came and gave a lecture for Joel Krantz’s post-sound/Pro-Tools class. You discussed your theory on sound spheres and more, and it was all very exciting to me. I also read your mind-opening book “Sound Design.” I’m now in my last semester at CSUN and I am getting to that point where I am looking for not only a job in sound design but other sources of information and inspiration, and your upcoming webinars are just what I am looking for.
    $250 is a very reasonable price for your webinars, but I want to ask if there is any way I can intern for you in exchange for a discount on the webinar series. I would be willing to help you in any number of ways, be it archiving, assisting, etc., so long as I don’t get in the way of your work! I understand if no such opportunity is available, and I wish you a positive and inspiring day!

    Inspiring Sound Designer,
    Michael O’Connor

    • dsonn22 Says:

      Hi Michael –
      Yes, I’m open to offering a discount, having some exchange with you, several things that might be useful for both of us. Let’s discuss this over the phone. Please email me your contact number to
      Thanks! – David

  3. Hi David
    I read your sound design back when it was first published. It proved a really useful sounding board for my PhD which I completed in sound semiotics ( Theo van Leeuwen was my professor). It would be great to strike up a dialogue through email and skype. I feel we might be able to exchange ideas and have complimentary bits of research. I will be giving a lecture at the London film school on my thesis trajectory Perhaps your sound design ideas could perhaps be visually illustrated through existing or constructed examples.

    Maybe their is some parallel research potential in how altered states are signified we could work on.

    Best Gilbert
    my email is…my skype is gabriel_gilbert

    The workshop link is here along with my website and PhD thesis


    Click to access 2011GabrielGPhD.pdf

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