Here’s what people are saying about Sound Design for Pros webinars and David Sonnenschein’s book Sound Design:  The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema.

“David’s workshops rock! His mastery of the material is clear from the first lesson. What really sets David’s workshops apart, though, is his gift for teaching, and personal interest in student’s work. He invited me to share a commercial film I was making with the class, and as a result I gained insights that helped me win quick approval of the project from my client. In that way, the class paid for itself right away. The homework assignments are challenging enough to guarantee that you won’t forget what you learned any time soon. And the online format works very well with the small class size, where everyone gets an opportunity to share work, ask questions, and take their sound design skills to the next level.” — Dan McComb, Filmmaker

David Sonnenschein’s book is legendary, and the interactive webinar which presents and analyzes examples of the theory, truly brings the material to life. The ability to have worldwide participants asking questions in real time adds a lot of depth to the discussion, and David is keenly attuned to the needs and feedback of his students. David’s approach gives sound designers a framework for making informed design decisions, to the benefit of their audiences, clients, and the stories they help to tell.” — Nathan Moody, NoiseJockey.net

David Sonnenschein is without a doubt an expert on sound design for film, television, and multimedia projects. His long career as a musician, composer, sound editor, mixer, and educator makes him uniquely qualified to teach sound design at any level for any situation. His impressive knowledge and easy-going personality make his classes both informative and enjoyable.” — Joel Krantz, Sound Editor/Mixer and Author, Pro Tools Post Production Techniques

I’m very impressed with the broad range of well-researched information and David’s fascinating reflections about the emotional power of sound and music.  His ‘Try This” sidebars are clever, stimulating exercises. The need for such a book is great indeed, fulfilled in this obviously heartfelt project. ” — Gary Rydstrom, 7-time Academy Award-winning Sound Designer, Terminator 2, Titantic, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan

I’ve participated in David’s sound design webinars since the beginning and really enjoyed the experience. David gives a lot of fantastic theory and examples about the emotional and technical side of sound design with detailed explanations, presentations and audiovisual material. Also, the analysis of others’ work on each seminar is very inspiring and rich.  If you enjoyed David’s book you will love his webinars.”   — Miguel Isaza, DesigningSound.org

“A must-read!.. ‘Sound Design’ is a fascinating read for anybody who has even a passing interest in the subject. Whether you are considering a career in sound design or film, are already involved and want to improve your skills, or want to learn more about how sound propels a film’s narrative, this book is a must-read.   — Steve Harvey, Pro Sound Magazine review

“Great book to teach with!.. I use this book in my Sound Design class at the University of Saint Francis. It is a great foundation upon which you can build confidence in your inexperienced students just by having them read the book! Also it helps make sense out of the confusion of directors dealing with sound and audio crew. This book has made my teaching job a lot easier and the students of my class a lot more savvy in sound design. Thanks David Sonnenschein for writing it! — Kenny Bergle, teacher, audio expert at Sweetwater Pro Audio, Ft. Wayne, IN, USA

Beyond mere technical jargon, in accessible and eloquent language David opens creative gateways for dramatic storytelling through the potent and inventive use of sound. His book is of enormous merit that should prove useful not only to sound editors, but to all film artists and, indeed, anyone who cherishes a good movie.” — Richard Walter Chairman, UCLA Screenwriting Dept., Author, Screenwriting: The Art, Craft and a Business of Film and Television Writing

“For all film/video professionals, not just audio technicians… This is one of the most eye (I mean EAR) opening and fascinating books I have looked at for a long time. I am an animation producer, and admittedly have always taken a hit-and-miss, often formulaic approach to sound as something secondary in importance to the visuals. This book changed my thinking. It provides a clear foundation in the narrative power of sound and music, is written with great insight and passion, and includes thought-provoking and playful exercises that you can’t resist trying!” — Larry Feign, cartoonist and author, Hong Kong

“Perfect on every level… With my attempt at becoming a Sound Designer I’ve found that there are not many books that pin-point all the aspects as this one does. Mr. Sonnenschein has written my Bible! It covers everything that can be heard on a soundtrack. An absolute MUST for anyone interested in sound design and should be required reading for anyone involved in film.” — Scott D. Parker, San Gabriel, CA USA

“The Bible of Aural Excitement… If you can only afford to purchase one book on Sound Design, this is the ONE.  Sonnenschein not only shows the creative side but also the business side in presenting yourself to the director and/or producer. Some of things that he explains involve how contrast works, changing frequency to enhance moods, mapping out the script, searching for the writer’s sound clues, and building your sound library.” — JBM, San Francisco, CA USA

“I own 3 copies of your book,  so that I can always have it at hand. Your approach to sound is really unique. Thank you for your valued contribution and helping me get started in this profession. ”  — Kurt Human, Sound Designer

“David and Ric’s Secrets for Great Film Sound presents a highly focused look at the technical and aesthetic audio needs for any visual medium. This is a comprehensive look at not just what the many requirements are, but the techniques used to meet them and the strengths and weaknesses of each individual approach. David and Ric also emphasize the importance of communication, collaboration and tact in a professional environment; a necessity for creating strong relationships within the industry, and something that is often overlooked.”  (full review here— Shaun Farley, dynamicinterference.com

“Even though I have read Ric and David’s books numerous times, there were still plenty of additional gems in ‘Secrets for Great Film Sound‘. I personally found Ric’s talk through of an entire on-location shoot he did recently to be priceless information, giving me so much more confidence now in an area I always found difficult. David’s approach to sound design is great and will open up new angles to how you plan and implement your design and gear your creativity to the task at hand. Highly recommended.” — Phil Lee, sound designer, Edinburgh, Scotland 

“The classes with Ric and David have been a fun learning experience. Their collective experience (and humour) makes it interesting even over the internet, and great even for those who have experience. The highlight of every webinar is the review of someone’s work – where the theoretical concepts get applied on a practical level.” –- Varun Nair, sound designer, Mumbai India

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