Designing with Sound to Enhance Learning

“Designing With Sound to Enhance Learning: Four Recommendations from the Film Industry”

Article co-authored by David Sonnenschein and MJ Bishop, Associate Professor and Program Director, Teaching, Learning, and Technology, Lehigh University, to be published in the online Journal of Applied Instructional Design (2012).

While we rely heavily upon sound to understand our environments, instructional designers often overlook using sound to facilitate learners’ selection, analysis, and synthesis of material under study. This neglect appears to be a matter of just not knowing how to sonify instructional designs to enhance learning. In contrast, increasingly more advanced and refined degree of film sound use has changed the way audiences experience and understand spectacle and storytelling in contemporary cinema. This paper explores what recommendations the film industry might have for instructional designers about ways sound can be designed to help enhance learning from their products.

List of Key Words:
Sound Design
Instructional Design
Instructional Message Design
Media Production
Multimedia Instruction

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