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New sound effects available from PSE

November 26, 2013

Pro Sound Effects is releasing 100 units of enhanced Hybrid Library for Freelancers as well as the new Expansion 1 for Hybrid Library owners. Worth checking out for high quality sound effects. Here’s the press release link:

SOUND DESIGN FOR PROS – webinar series to be offered Fall 2012

January 31, 2012

Presented by David Sonnenschein

Author, “Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema”

To all sound designers, editors, directors, music composers:

  • Do you need to pinpoint the right sound to get that desired audience reaction?
  • Would you like access to full-blast creativity and know-how for your sound design?
  • Is it important to get on the same page with your director or client, and give them what they need from your sound?

SOUND DESIGN FOR PROS webinar series offers solutions to all that and more with a month of personal consultation on your sound design projects, plus 12 hours of recorded lectures to view any time.

Dates:   tba (after Secrets for Great Film Sound series)

Take a look at the 4 min. video with lots of sound design tools for you:

*** TWELVE HOURS of Lectures and Demonstrations of Sound Design principles. 

You will have access to the recordings of this entire coursework theory and application with case studies to view as many times as you would like for the next 3 months.  The six modules cover:

1. THE INTELLIGENT EAR – Listening Modes, Sound Qualities and Bipolarities

By deconstructing the listening experience into discrete elements, the grammar of sound design language gives you access for clear and powerful communication.

2. PLUG-IN POWER – Size, Distance, Speed and Non-Physical Reality

Understanding principles of real world acoustics and palette of subjective auditory experiences offers you enlightened use of digital processing tools.

3. RULES OF the BRAIN ROAD – Psychoacoustic Principles and Applications

 When the curtain is lifted on how humans process auditory information, you master the art of sonic illusion (creating and hiding) as essential tools in sound editing.

4.  SONIC TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM – Soundscapes and Sound Spheres

Creating an effective cinematic space depends on familiarity with your physical and social environment, and the knowledge of how to psychologically orient yourself through audio.

5. AUDIO BUILDING BLOCKS – Constructing Sound Events and Sound Objects

Mastering techniques of sequencing, layering and mixing will infuse sonic fragments (sound effects, words) with meaningful messages (sound phrases, sentences).

6. PEOPLE, PLOT AND PASSION – Narrative Structure and Sound Mapping

Bottom line, how can sound help tell your story?  By understanding dramatic elements of character and emotion, the map can guide you to creative and impactful decision-making.

*** FOUR WEEKS OF PERSONAL COACHING – You will be invited to screen your sound design projects, finished or works-in-progress, for detailed, interactive feedback. This is undoubtedly the most powerful form of learning, where you can apply all the theory into your own work and creativity.

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